Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Samantha Part 2

I grabbed her phone number from my producer, not before she warned me not to call her and left quickly… towards the exit, towards my car, towards this young woman… I could only hope… The moment that I walked in my house I called her number. She answered on the third ring…Hello… I hope you don’t mind me calling you? It’s Dr Samantha from the radio show… I noticed right away that I sounded needy, submissive, I felt attracted to a girl I knew absolutely nothing about who broke her damn bones for fun… Crazy… I don’t mind at all Doctor, I was just thinking of you and your broken arm. How does it feel and call me Heather? It’s ok, still a bit sore but that’s normal and it’s a lot easier to have an arm in a cast then you with the full leg cast and brace on the other leg I sad. Yeah I agree but you have been on crutches right? Was it a sprain or break? Crutches for torn achilles…I was in a special boot that was  adjustable angle wise. At first my foot was pointing like a ballerina, straight down and slowly my doctor moved it to a 90 degree angle, like a regular broken leg or ankle . I’ve never heard of that type of boot, I guess you kept it, can you get it? She asked. I could feel the excitement in her voice. Yes I kept it, hold on I said. I felt strange walking towards a storage unit in my house. I’m used to being the leader in conversations, the dominator in a way but with Heather it was different. I was intrigued by her. Thank you Dr Sam. I was quite the volleyball player before I broke my ankle and dislocated my knee in high school. I spent almost a full season on crutches with a cast and knee brace and then I was diagnosed with MS. Crutches and/or  my wheelchair ever since. Now you are probably wondering if I really got the medical boot or not. The fact is I always try not to lie at all to patients, friends and lovers. Plus Heather was gettIng me slightly turned on sexually so I did get the boot.  I struggled to put it on with my broken arm but that was part of the excitement I guess. I felt like I needed to put my boot on over my black pantyhose at the maximum inclination, foot pointing straight down like recent torn achilles would require. My toes were partly exposed and the boot went up my lower leg almost to my knee. It’s on Heather, straight down. It was an incredible sensation on my leg. My ankle, foot and lower leg were totally trapped Oh wow, I bet you look even more helpless now, full arm cast and non weight bearing boot Dr Samantha. I wish I would have heard the ligaments snap…was it loud? It’s so wild.

It was very loud, I’m a single mom and in a way it was like when this young woman snapped hers… At exactly 26 seconds her life changed for a very long time Heather.


OMG Dr Sam that’s wow what a rush…

I have a question that I’m hesitant to ask you but since you called me I guess you are curious…do you think that your daughter shares your love for this fetish? She sees you day in and day out in your lovely arm cast.

First I’m not into this fetish at all. I said. But the reality was that  I was not so sure about that statement anymore and secondly my daughter is out of bound in our discussion even though I knew that she loved to play with my crutches…

Sadly, what’s the expression, like mother, like daughter she said but it’s ok Dr Samantha I'm flattered that you put the boot for me. The younger woman said with one hand on her pink cast and the other on her leg brace.

It’s ok Heather, the pleasure is all mine.

Do you still have your high heel on your other foot?

Of course, otherwise the look is not perfectly representative of how I feel chatting with you.

Nice, are your toenails painted Dr?

Yes, almost always I replied looking at them bareilly exposed at the end of the achilles brace.

What are your favourite colours?

Depends what I’m wearing and how I feel but often red sometimes black when I play with women like you.

You are so interesting Dr. Do you have other crutches other than the black one? I kinda know you do…

How is it that you know… nevermind… Yes I do, I have red ones.

She looked so sexy on the red crutches.

Who did?

Common…your daughter doctor, I remember her on the sidelines after breaking her ankle, leaning on the red crutches, her leg in that sexy long pink cast like I have on now and me in my wheelchair about 10 feet away.

Small world I said.

I’m very happy you called Sam, Dr Sam, I enjoy chatting with you but I need some rest. Maybe we can continue tomorrow?

I would love that Heather.

Good night but would you do something for me tomorrow Dr?

What is it that you want me to do… Without noticing it I had slid my broken arm out of the sling and it was rubbing the front of my breasts, my hard nipples with my cast…almost moaning from the pleasure that I was feeling.

Can you wear your orthopaedic boot tomorrow…You will be so sexy with your broken arm and boot limping around the city, the office.

Yes, Mistress I said, why did I say that

Hummm Mistress I like that…Crippled…Broken…Mistress Heather. That’s me right? sweet dreams Dr Sam.

ohh, I will Heather, be careful and safe. I said hanging up.

I went back to the video of the mom, with my broken arm aching, my lower leg still in the boot watching and listening to the noise caused by the achilles, I slid 2 fingers inside me for a quick and fulfilling orgasm.

After I just sat there thinking of Heather in her full leg cast so sexy struggling on her crutches with her good leg braced…And yet she seemed in control somehow.

Samantha part 3 to come


Clip 299 She breaks her femur, crutches and hard rehab


Friday, September 23, 2022

Samantha chapter 1

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first, I'm a 37 year old single mom with a 16 year old daughter, I’m a sexual therapist that mostly handle cases of fetishist gone wrong or out of control. When CBF-fm, our local talk radio station, approached me to do a Dear Samantha type of radio show, I was hesitant at first and then went for it. My life was mundane and what I didn't see coming was the call I received on the third show from a young female. She was very hesitant to give me her name but it was clear that she was both a young woman, a lesbian and so much more. But before the first show… slam… When I left the radio station after signing my contract,  I missed the last two steps of the stairs, fell forward and broke my arm in 2 places. Clean break I was told but 6 weeks in a red cast that covered my whole arm. My first broken arm. I had a few lesbian encounters years ago but I should admit that I often acted on a fetish of mine during those encounters with the ladies. I have a weakness for… Well that’s for another chapter… At 37, almost 38 I know that I’m no model but I’m still attractive enough.  I’m 5'10", with nice shapely legs, 32C, long brown hair with piercing green eyes. My daughters said I dress like an old lady. I told her that I am an older lady plus now I have a full arm cast on my left arm that is resting in a stylish sling. I love dresses and skirts, pencil skirts the most that end just above the knee. When and if I wear underwear I like sexy lingerie. Dark stylish pantyhose with heels higher than I should be walking with, while protecting a broken arm. Just a reminder that my question to you today my dear listeners is do you have any fetishes in your day to day life or love life? The next caller was Fetishist2022, I had been online for only 3 shows at the time. Dear fetishist, you are on the air with Dear Sam, I love your nickname by the way, tell me a bit about yourself please, I asked while getting my broken arm comfortable in its sling. Thank you Sam, I'm a 22 year old single woman. Thanks for calling, I’m 37 part time radio host and full time psychologist. Are you a student or working? I am a PHD student and I work part time. I was instantly impressed with this young woman. Wow PHD at 22 that’s very impressive. It's very nice to meet you and do you enjoy a fetish in your life and if you do what is it? Yes I do. I love to wear leg casts for recreational or medical purposes. At the very least I use crutches…almost everyday. That's interesting since 2 days ago I broke my arm, it's not a leg cast but I’m in a cast. I said anxiously waiting for her reply. I know Sam. I saw it on your Instagram page. I’m also in a cast but it’s my right leg, well it's my tibia and fibula.  Is it broken or a recreational cast? I asked Broken ankle at the tibia and fibula. It was self inflicted She said. My producer quickly said self inflicted…You should cut her off, I'm not sure we want to talk about that live Sam. Why not? I'm sure she’s not the only one online with these kinds of ideas. Plus, I was curious. But breaking my arm was so painful I don’t see anybody doing it intentionally you know what I mean, breaking bones can be dangerous… I said touching my red cast with my other hand, for the first time loving the feeling of the fibre under my fingers. Most people don’t but I do. I love the whole process from breaking the bones, casting process to the rehab. When I’m not broken or casted,  I deal with my muscular sclerosis, that’s why I’m always on crutches or in my wheelchair. So sorry to hear that Fetishis2022. Don’t be I’m ok, because of the broken bones this time I’m in a full leg cast. I look very pretty in my pink cast and on crutches Sam. I had heard and read about Abasiophilia, the sexual attraction to people using leg braces and cast but it was the first time I heard from somebody loving the action of breaking one leg to be in such a cast. I felt like asking, you are already on crutches isn’t that enough? How long have you been in the cast? I broke my ankle the same day you broke your arm Sam. When I saw your post with your broken arm in a splint, wearing that lovely dress. before you got your cast, well let’s just say Dear Samantha I couldn’t resist. I…wanted one…Again. Change the subject my producer almost yelled in my ears. Change …the…subject…But…I…didn’t… Well ok we are like cast sisters I said. Most fetishes are sexual, is it for you? I couldn't believe I asked a young woman that question…to be honest I couldn't believe I was getting turned on by the TWIST my show was taking. I was BREAKing  all the rules and getting wet re-living in my mind when my arm twisted and snapped…The pain that followed. Yes it is sexual Dear Sam. Just like it is for you, if you are 100% honest with yourself.  She had my full attention…Was I honest? My crutches are beside me. I'm wearing a skirt with a tight fitting blouse,no bra, fishnet stockings over both my god leg and my cast. Would you wear this look doctor? She asked Hum yes very cute, are you mostly using your wheelchair when casted? I asked while squeezing my legs tight…I couldn't imagine what a full leg cast would feel like… I knew what a broken arm and wet panties felt like. No, I use my crutches, sliding along my non casted leg. I just added a leg brace over my pantyhise to solidify my left leg. I could never explain why I felt an instant connection with this young woman. I could see her in my mind with her long pink cast and her long leg brace smiling happily leaning on her crutches. I told my producer to get her phone number. I want to call her off air… Well time flies listeners….thanks for the interesting calls but it’s the end of our show for today… I grabbed her phone number from my producer, not before she warned me not to call her and left quickly towards the exit, towards my car, towards this young woman… I could only hope…

Samantha part 2 to come.

Clip 295 She broke her ankle, cast and crutches, slc


Monday, September 19, 2022

Ruby conclusion Robert pov

I carefully moved her broken leg back on the couch and kissed her, Then held her tight without a word. None were necessary. Our relationship grew rapidly but carefully since after all she was my professor. No specific time or days for our get together. Between her teaching, her broken leg, my studies,my work at the hospital we created something far different than a routine. She was mature and very easy to please, for example she ate pretty much anything, pizza, sub, chicken. Her one weakness that I discovered very early on and it wasn’t related to the fact that she was on crutches…she was a very bad cook and hated cooking. She loved sharing and that was a surprise to me. We got to know each other well, from my plans after college, what she loves to do when she is not swinging 3 pounds of fibre around her broken leg and many others. The only rule was that we didn’t judge and every subject was allowed. For somebody that had not been on crutches for a very long time she was very comfortable on them. She let me help when I could. Yes she was very independent but a broken leg does change your routine and help was welcome. As a professor she was by the book and very strict. In our sex life, she was a sensual and erotic woman who liked some attention. I explored every inch of her sexy body but being a caster I gave a lot of attention to her cast. It wasn’t very thick since it was 100% non weight bearing and the cast technician had a nice and long leg to work with. She had a wide variety of socks that she used over her broken leg. I quickly noticed that the toes of her broken leg were little hot sexual buttons. Caressing and licking them was part of our sexual experience. Very erotic experience how she would react with her leg trapped in that long cast. This morning I helped her on top of me. I laid her long cast on my shoulder and she pushed herself up and down my penis with her hands and my hips. Yes sex was different because of her broken leg but also because she was a mature woman with lots of different expriences. What I didn't expect was what she asked me after supper that evening. Robert, I would like to spend more time with you, until I’m back on two legs, the easiest way would be if you moved in with me, in my house, would you consider it? I was staring at her considering the opportunity to spend more time while she is still injured. More time with a dream lady on crutches and casted. Ruby, the idea of being able to hold you, hug you and make love to you anytime we feel like it is fantastic, I would love to move in with you. That’s settled then she said, let’s go to OUR bedroom.  She was very sexy wearing a nice dress, I couldn't stop thinking how nice it would be to undress her right then. She came closer on her crutches, smiled, and kissed me while I hugged her. She looked and smelled so good. You like surprises Robert? She asked me Yes if it’s with you. She carefully made her way up the stairs without putting any weight on her broken leg. Give me 5 minutes and join me. She said, I walked up the stairs to the bedroom and when I walked in it was like a vision, an angel…She was standing on her good leg with only one crutch. Wearing absolutely nothing… well not exactly she had kept a small,white sock over the lower portion of her cast. She lifted her broken leg…Can you remove my sock baby? She was grinning at me like the cat that ate the canary. She hopped with the help of her one crutch without putting any weight on her cast, to the bed and got comfortable.  I joined and kissed her passionately. Without my help she rolled to her side so that I could spoon with her. My penis was so hard when I felt her wiggling her tight ass against me. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her breasts. I rubbed her round breast and nipple, she was making little sounds of contentment while she moved her hard cast between my legs I flipped her over facing me and slid inside her. The faster I went in and out the more she quivered. Oh god Robert… She said and we were both so close to cum. She came first, the orgasm rocked her body. I could feel her contractions on my penis.  I continued to push deeper inside her by grabbing her tight ass with both hands. This broken woman was amazing. I lifted her long cast and came deep inside her, her moaning left no doubt…in her sweet vagina I spewed my sperm… I love you Robert

The end


Clip 291 Beautiful blue cast, slc and crutches


Thursday, September 15, 2022

Ruby chapter 3 Ruby pov

What do you see when you stare at me Robert? I asked but before he started to answer I surprised him by grabbing my heavy and long cast with both hands and rested my broken leg on his lap and gave him my white sock…  Well humm professor … Ruby… I see a sexy woman, one that’s smart and beautiful, one that can really make a leg cast look so damn hot. Plus you are very mobile, broken leg or not with your crutches, like you demonstrated tonight, but the most important part is that you are a woman I would like to know more about. OK good answer young man…A++... But most people are very uncomfortable with my broken leg. They have a hard time concentrating in class when I move on my crutches. If I don’t have a sock on my cast they openly stare at my long toes.    He was rubbing my cast on his lap and staring into my eyes before he asked. I’m also staring at your toes professor but I wonder…  How high does your cast go on that sexy leg of your? I will show you I said sliding my broken leg down and leaning against him I stood on my good leg smiling and facing him. I raised my skirt and showed him that my cast stopped one inch from my vagina.  OMG he said but didn't hesitate to touch my cast again, this time not at the ankle or knee but much, much higher up. I noticed him staring at my white silk panties. I couldn't tell if he could see that I was freshly shaved. I watched him while balancing on my one good leg and lowering my skirt. Ruby you have such nice legs and I mean both of them. That cast is perfect.  I was going to grab my crutches but before I could he stood up and wrapped his arms around me, kissed me and I could feel his erection against me. He gave me back my crutches that I positioned right away. Thank you Robert but you know I’m much older. I said standing like a statue on my crutches. Some would say posong for this fetishist. But… I don’t think he cared about my age. While I was standing in front of him on my crutches and he was still sitting, he unbuttoned my skirt and it slid down along my white cast. Carefully I hoped with all my weight on my crutches and he moved my skirt. I was very careful not to bang my cast against the sofa, my broken leg was still sore. Like a young pro he unfastened my brassiere and exposed my breasts. They were perfectly shaped with large nipples. There I was only wearing my cast and panties when he leaned forward and took one nipple in his month, sucking it . I quivered and moaned, shaking from the pleasure I felt.  I felt so exposed, I wasn’t used to getting out of my private bubble.  He got up and helped me lay down on the couch. He looked at my long cast again and my panties, part of them darker with dampness. His lips traced along my left foot, ankle and leg while his other hand did the same against my cast. It’s hard to explain but only a woman that loves leg cast would say that I couldn't feel his fingers against my cast, my broken leg but…I sensually we do…It’s a real turn on. I raised my hip to show him what I wanted but he totally surprised him when he pulled a long pocket knife from his jeans, opened the blade and slid it along my left breast, the cold metal caressing it. Another wild sensation and then in one swift movement he cut off my panties. I bit my lip, a small amount of blood trickled. I always preferred totally shaved… It’s a question of preference. I move my broken leg against him. It was aching from all that action in the last few hours but like in the past that dirty pain turned on sexually. I love to feel your broken leg against me Ruby, It’s so sensual, so erotic and I can smell your arousal. He said smiling He really loved that I was broken so I opened up more by letting my broken leg dangle beside the couch but the pain was too much. Oh god my broken leg Robert… please help me…
Instead of picking up my heavy cast, he slid 2 fingers inside me. He then leaned against me, against my broken leg, his hard erection against my cast. I was breathing faster,  out of control, my arousal was evident by the amount of fluid coming from my vagina. For the first time in a very long time a man slid his tongue in my mouth while he moaned and rubbed harder against my broken leg. My hands were trembling but I managed to free his penis that was wet with precum. Take me now Robert please my broken leg is killing me…. We were both so ready, it didn’t take long, I was shaking, my brown hair was all over the place. His long penis was inside me and my vagina was clamping it, I climaxed like never before. First a big orgasm shook all along my broken bones and inside me, followed by a small one. Totally amazing. He carefully moved my aching leg back on the couch and kissed me, Then held me tight without words. None were necessary.

Ruby chapter 4 to come


Clip 286 She breaks her leg during a wrestling match, slc, crutches, very cute in her cast part 2


Monday, September 12, 2022

Ruby chapter 2 Robert POV

I’m off Saturday, would that be ok? I asked, stealing a quick peek at her broken leg again then I walked to her and kissed her on the cheech. Professor, can I call you Ruby? Yes you can and Saturday is fine, she said, with a radiant smile. She was so beautiful, she had no idea the effects that she had on me.  I wanted Saturday to be perfect. Come in, I will be right there she said with a hint of excitement in her voice. I was holding on to a great bottle of red wine when she walked in, careful not to bang her broken leg. She was perfect and then she gave me the perfect smile just standing on her crutches. Do you mind opening it up? She asked me. Wouldn't mind at all, I told her.  Today she was wearing a skirt and blouse. The short skirt didn't hide her long white cast and again today she had a very feminine sock over the foot portion of her cast. I could see her little toes moving inside the sock.
If that wasn’t enough to turn me on she was moving gracefully on red crutches, from her bedroom to the living room. Let’s sit and enjoy that wine she said gracefully sitting down on the couch, her crutches on the floor. I grabbed her heavy cast and carefully put it on the coffee table. Thank you, I'm slowly getting better on those crutches, she said. I gave her a glass of wine and stared at her a bit too long…She was a very sexy mature woman with great shapes all over and a broken leg to die for… for a caster like me anyway. After we were done sipping our glasses of wine she asked if I wanted a tour of her place. OMG how could I say no… She leaned against me for support to get up on her left foot and re positioned her crutches under her arms. With the angle of her cast at the knee, when she moved forward her cast was just gliding about 2 inches from the floor.  She looked confident but careful moving around the house. She had a great physique for her age, well for any age. Her tight skirt was caressing her round ass.  She didn't have huge breasts but they were round and smooth showing inside her white blouse while riding very high on her chest. This is my favourite room Robert. You have no idea how nice it is to just sit here and feel the heat from the sun since breaking my leg. I can’t go jogging and I won't be able to ski this winter so I appreciate the little pleasure. She said smiling again….god that smile… Can you feel the sun Robert on your face? She asked standing leg and cast partly crossed. I had to stop staring at her long left leg and long cast.  Just thinking of the curve of her cast shapely moulded along her calf and her trapped toes at the end of the cast inside this small and delicate sock was getting me so hard inside my jeans with a full erection. In the next room there was a nice fireplace. I could easily imagine in the cold Canadian winter nights sitting in front of it with her exposed toes feeling the heat from the fire. This is my bedroom, well not  really this is the room I’m using because of my broken leg since it’s on the first floor. She said I could smell her perfume standing so close to me. The room had a feminin touch no doubt about it. In her large bed there was a structure on an angle to rest her broken leg.  It had been modified for the proper knee bent of her cast. I’m sure it helped. She continued the tour showing me her office. I was listening to her but all I could hear was the sound of her crutches and her left foot hitting the hardwood floor. Standard docking station for her laptop and small desk really with the one addition to her office, a small chair to rest on her casted leg on while she worked. Robert, would you be kind enough to get us a glass of wine. I could use a rest and I will sit in the chair by the fireplace.  My pleasure I said but first I looked at her side stepping on her good leg after resting her crutches against the wall and sitting down.  You can sit beside me if you like. She said, patting the sofa. I sat and to my surprise she took my hand in hers. I had heard the rumours that the professor, Ruby was a lesbian but it wasn’t the vibes I was getting here today. I watched the long fingers of her right hand sliding along her cast. It was like she was caressing her broken leg. Making it better and yet in my mind the same fingers were all over her breasts while she moaned, rolling in hard nipples like women do. Hello Robert…still with me… I came out of my vision and noticed she had put my hand against her hard cast. She seemed to be enjoying this attention. I wasn’t sure what I should do next, she was in a position of authority, she was much older than me, she was incredibly sexy with her broken leg and long leg cast… Can I ask you a personal question? She asked. Yes anything you like , well almost…I said  I saw you stare at me while I moved around my house. Between your paper that you wrote about cast fetishism and the obvious interest in my broken leg, cast and crutches, what do you see when you stare at me Robert? She asked while she bent over and slowly removed the cute sock off her cast… Can I direct and honest Ruby? I wouldn't expect anything else she said and then before I started to answer she grabbed her cast with both hands and she rested her broken leg on my lap and gave me the sexy sock…  The image and intention were so clear in my mind. I see… Ruby chapter 3 to come


Clip 283 She broke her leg fallling off her horse, llc, wheelchair, crutches, slc part 1