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Lauren chapter 2

Some men and women were staring at my strong arms, others at my round breasts while he was looking at my broken body in this sleek red wheelchair and any glimpse he could get between the long casts.

Well my dear Lauren, you have to play with your assets and… right now those casts are assets to some…why not… I said rubbing my broken legs.

My black dress looked and felt amazing against me. I ran a hand against the fabric. During missions if I wasn’t under cover, I would wear military uniform or jeans. Tonight was special playing the role of “the wife”. 

I slowly rolled in my chair across the living room to my bedroom. In front of the floor to ceiling mirror I stopped. Sitting there I looked at my long cast and for a second I wondered if I was going to walk properly again? Would I be able to run?

I ran a finger through my blond hair. I was never one for heavy makeup, just a bit of eyeshadow that made my clear blue eyes pop. The lipstick was pretty much gone by now but originally it was red. I loved red lipstick.

I know that Dr Charles, our special contributor tonight, really liked my red lips… I opened my little purse and pulled out the lipstick and applied more. This late my red pouty lips kinda looked slutty. I love it.

Again I couldn't stop thinking of Dr Charles. He followed me around the room, not physically but with his eyes. Was he flirting? Probably but flirting is rarely harmless and flirting is often so much more. On 2 occasions his hands slid on my casts, even touching my toes.

He wanted to plan a one on one discussion with me and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that in my wheelchair with 2 broken legs. 

My husband trusted me. I didn’t trust Dr Charles. My eyes locked on my eyes in the mirror and I smiled. I was on a mission, a different kind of mission but still…you know…

I wheeled to our bedroom and stopped in front of the large bed. I lifted myself and slid from my chair to the bed. My dress went up and I pulled down my panties along the long casts. 

With both hands I reached down and lifted each of my broken legs one at a time, spreading them. I felt excitement building inside me, between my broken legs. 

I leaned sideways and grabbed vaginal lubricant from my dresser and sprayed it on my finger…I moaned when sliding the fingers inside me. I was so wet teasing my clitoris slowly at first.

With the other hand on my cast, I plunged in and out faster inside my vagina. It felt amazing and both my broken legs tensed from the excitement. My hand left my cast and went to my breast.

Pinching and twisting my nipples and pushing harder and more fingers in my vagina. Oh god…I was so close. I closed my eyes and felt the orgasm rock my broken body. I was shaking, breathing hard.  

Don’t shoot me… I pleaded.

I woke up from a violent dream and launched forward, my eyes adjusted to the night and realized I was safe at home. My wheelchair beside the bed and my 2 long leg casts stretched out immobile.

Third dream in the last 4 days about Dr Charles, russian spy. I was sweaty, my nightshirt clinging to my breasts, my nipples fully erect.

Then I heard him and it wasn't a dream.

Hope I didn’t wake you Laren.

Instinct took over and I partly rolled to my side, both casts banging against each other, I moaned from the pain and grabbed my Glock 9mm pistol. I was ready. I could see him for now at least, sitting, legs crossed in my bedroom. 

I wouldn't move if I were you, I said.

He laughed.

I was furious…If you think you can take me faster than my bullet will enter your body, go for it Dr. Charles or whatever your name is.

Common Ms Scott. I don't have 2 sexy broken legs like you do but I still know that I wouldn't outrun your Glock if...

He had the reputation back in Russia of a very competent street fighter and agent but I could take him or would have loved to try him if…I didn’t have two broken legs.

If he was here to kill me well it would be done and since I had the gun pointed at him I had the advantage for the moment anyway.

What was he here for? 

He stood up and I realized how tall and strong looking he was. I was maybe in control of the situation but I was kinda exposed. He stared at my broken legs, up my stomach, breasts, lips and eyes.

You are so beautiful Lauren, I can tell your mind is racing, wondering if I was here to kill you and if so why are you still alive.

What if I…

Lauren chapter 3 to come




Friday, June 24, 2022

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Sami part 1 Broken leg, crutches


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Lauren chapter 1

Lauren Scott: Occupation military
Grade: Secret
Location: Zephyrhills, Florida

Age: 40 something

Height: 5 foot 10

Weight: 145 lbs, very fit until…I wasn’t.

Airplane and skydiving are still the fastest way in my field of secret mission to get from point A to point B. It’s such a high for me physically even at my age. I’m not old but no spring chicken. 

To freefall at over 100 mph is a unique sensation with all the risk that comes with it. All the modern technology that I have helped with the overload that you feel looking down while preparing for your mission and possible attacks. 

I always try to Increase the time and distance during freefall in the cold air, without risking my safety. This will maybe sound unprofessional but the second my parachute opens I think of my loved one. It’s like peace before the chaos.

I still can’t explain how I got all tangled when my parachute opened. It was wrapped around my legs and started spinning me around. I was slowing down but not fast enough.


I looked down and saw a mountain with trees.It was beautiful and knew I was in trouble.  They were getting closer and closer. I couldn't get my legs in the proper position to land and then bang…I crashed legs first.

At the very least I missed the trees but the impact with the ground was so hard. The pain was indescribable, I knew right away that both my legs were broken, my ankles were shattered into pieces.  

I tried to reach for my lower leg but it was impossible. The pain spread so fast from my feet, ankles, legs. Then out of nowhere I heard a woman say in Russian…

Miss, are you ok? And I passed out.

2 month later…

The result of my last mission was multiple surgeries to fix 10 different fractures in my feet, legs and ankles but miraculously nothing to my spine. I would walk again in about 10 months but my military career was over. That part was my decision. 

I think you can already tell that I’m not a paper pusher. 

My husband owns a large pharmaceutical company and I decided that for now I was going to be “the wife”. For the time being we lived in a large penthouse with a private elevator that came really handy now in my wheelchair. 

After using the fingerprint reader the elevator climbed to the 21st floor, the doors opened and I rolled my wheelchair out careful not to hit my broken legs. Both my legs were in long and heavy full leg casts. Since they were non weight bearing at least they weren't bulky and they followed the contours of my long legs.

They looked like sexy black stockings but rigid. 

I dropped my small purse that was on my lap on the table beside the elevator.  

Even if I wasn’t in the military anymore and wasn’t able to walk or even stand up I still trained 4 times a week to keep some muscle tone. Result was that my arms and shoulders were stronger than ever. That would have been useful before my accident in hand and hand combat.

They had just replaced my casts yesterday for the third time. They were concerned about my right leg not healing properly and decided to check both at the same time.

I was still adjusting to this new life of mine and doing it in a wheelchair was something that you can’t imagine unless you have been in a similar situation. I had broken 3 ankles in the past jumping but 6 weeks of cast and crutches and I was back on the planes and missions. 

Not this time…

I know, I know I should be happy that I’m alive, great husband support and that I needed to adjust to being confined to a wheelchair with 2 badly broken legs for now.

The fundraiser drained me tonight. A combination of drinking a bit too much and still answering all the questions about my accident. Being on a CIA secret mission at the time of my accident, I was very limited to what I was allowed to say.

I couldn't say that I crashed in Russia and we did a prisoner swap to have me back in the US. 

Thinking of the fundraiser reminded me of some missions where I was undercover playing a doctor or a femme fatale in a long black dress with 4 inch heels…Men staring at me, me looking for my contact.

Tonight men and women were watching me. I was using a very modern looking small wheelchair propelled by my strong arms. I wanted to make a splash tonight and I did.  Thank you to my blasck dress, matching black casts and exposed toes.

A tiny strap hung loosely over my shoulders with a plunge line that made my large breasts, 34D to be exact, leave very little to your imagination. 

The dress was also very short, stopping about 1 inch from my knees, well my casted knee. I chose that dress to show off my long casts. I know that’s crazy but one of the benefactors was into cast fetish plus I was still amazed how tiny and sexy looking my legs looked trapped in the black fibre.

Some men and women were staring at my strong arms, others at my round breasts while he was looking at my broken body in this sleek red wheelchair and any glimpse he could get between the long casts of mine.

Well my dear Lauren, you have to play with your assets and… right now those casts are assets to some…why not… I said rubbing my broken legs.

Lauren Chapter 2 to come






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Clip 142 Broken arm in LAC


Karine conclusion


It was quiet, only our breathing could be heard until she slowly slid her fingernail against my long cast. It felt like an ASMR trigger inside me. Her fingernails on the thigh portion of my cast opened new sensations that I never experienced before.

I felt in heaven trying to imagine what it would feel like against a non casted broken limb when she slid the same finger inside me.

Oh goddddd I couldn't move all tied up but I arched my back,  my nipples pointing towards the ceiling.   

Oh my my you are horny Karine aren’t you she whispered in my ear

It’s so much more than horny. Being single, writing and masturbating…

She stopped me mid sentence by slowly inserting a second finger inside me. It had been so long since a girl, a woman pleased me. 

When my husband tied me down, spread eagle and casted me, he would make me cum by just inserting 2 fingers inside my vagina teasing my clitporis. But I never had broken bones, it was always rec cast. She said

I moaned, pulling on the cuffs, bucking against the fingers. She moved on top of my broken leg, my cast, my broken leg against her private parts.

I bet it is amazing with a badly broken leg being tied up.

Yes, oh God, Christina, please stop teasing me and take me over the edge.

Yes but not yet… she pulled her fingers from my dripping vagina. I jerked my cast up against her, between her legs. Only the second time in my life that I had lost total control.

She knew it and entered a finger inside me again and she moaned into my ear. You like my little tease when I take care of you? She then started rubbing my clitoris.

God yes I moaned. She was bringing me close to orgasm. The quick movements of her fingers inside me with the constant touching of my cast with her other hand, unleashed sexual energy and I felt spasm through my body.

My orgasm seemed to last forever…After removing the cuff and releasing my ankle and wrists, Christina stood up and blindfolded me. 

I was on the bed breathing heavily with pillows under my broken leg that was throbbing badly. Still aroused from my last orgasm and the looming prospect of what she had planned for next.

There was a knock on the door and I heard her limping on her walking cast to open the door. She kissed whoever was at the door. I couldn't see anything but felt him getting closer. I could smell his aftershave.

I’m Christina's husband, you are so lovely and talented Karine. He kissed me on the lips before I heard the loud sound of the cast saw. He removed my cast and pain shot up my broken leg. I reached out in the dark, running my hands down from his waist and found a very hard penis.

I rubbed it through his trousers before I unfastened them and reached for his penis. He was fully erect. I was sliding up and down his shaft every so slowly, enjoying it and very careful not to move my unprotected broken leg.

Look at her with her scars and broken leg, I bet you want to make love to her don't you? Christina asked her husband. He said yesss

But you can't, she's mine…

Christina was unable to resist touching my broken leg that was on display. Her lips started at my foot and slid up my leg. I sat up scared of what she was planning. 

She caressed my breasts, licking and twisting my niples. I could feel her red lips all over them. She pushed three fingers between my engorged lips, I wriggled and squirmed and came again.

I was exhausted, soaked. He was admiring my younger broken body and his wife walking cast and I wondered what was to come next from them. 

Okay Karine lets get you cleaned up and dressed. Let’s get you to the shower.

I can’t walk on my broken leg, you know that without the cast the bones will break right away I said.

Just lean on me Karine and hop. 

With her help I managed to keep my broken leg off the floor and into the shower stall. With my arms extended for support Christina stared at my whole body again. 

She reached from behind with soapy hands and caressed my breasts, neck and face. I was desperately aware of the danger of losing my balance.  

She then slowly  worked her fingers inside my vagina.  I moaned, shaking on my one good leg. She put extra pressure and accentuated the motion, in and out faster and faster.

My left leg was now on the floor of the shower. Fragile and shaking. 

She was watching my face when my weight transferred from my right leg to both legs equally, my face took on a stunning look that appeared before the ecstasy that ran through my legs when the ankle, tibia and fibula collapsed one after the other.

I was at the bottom of the shower when lust took over. I was breathing hard and thrusting my hips wildly and painfully against her walking cast. The cast was between my right leg and my shattered left leg.

Oh no no, Karine, I think you broke your leg…my little tease she said.

The end