Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Clip 253 mugger attacked her and she sprained her ankle, ace bandages, crutches


Paige part 2

2 weeks after leaving the hospital, the accident was behind us. He was waiting for his new Mustang, an electric one this time for Mr. Environment ha ha and I was bored at home so I decided that we needed to go shopping for new crutches of all things. Yes I was fed up with plain aluminium crutches.

Since my broken leg didn't fit in the front of my Lexus, I was sitting sideways on the back seat with my red cast . Kenneth knew of this mobility accessories store but I had no idea that there were going to be so many choices of crutches available. From styles to colours etc.


Wearing a short summer dress I led the way inside the store with my long red cast. One long hour later, Kenneth was still looking at the ugly purple crutches while I was getting fitted for my brand new red crutches. Very flashy and sexy if I may say so myself.

Wow Paige, red cast with red crutches…only missing the red lipstick and painted toes. Kinda fetish look don’t you think.

Nothing was plain, ordinary or fetish like about me Ha ha, I could see myself in court with a designer skirt, hair up in a bun, glasses and a white blouse with my red cast and matching crutches in a few months.

On our way back I said from the backseat, Maybe we should go back and get the black crutches?

Humm nooo he said.  1 hour and 23 minutes to pick the red crutches so I think they are very cute and you will look very pretty on them. He didn't tell me that his daughter, the teacher from a previous marriage, broke her tibia and fibula once and she had the same red crutches while she was in college. 

She was going to love seeing Paige on them he taught.

He didn’t have to tell me anyway… if only he knew.

Plus let's be honest he loved me but he was fed up shopping even with me and even for crutches. He wasn’t telling me but he was excited to be with me on crutches and casted for so long again.


We first met when I broke my foot some years ago. He was the tech that applied the cast to my broken foot and lower leg and I was the lawyer that fell in love with him.

We made our way back to the lake house. I was surprised during the second casting process how critical Kenneth had been with the young female technician.

I had received a phone call from Christine, my future step daughter asking me how my broken leg was. She was blaming her dad since she felt he should have been the one driving to get the pizza. 

No actually dear it was a truth or dare…long story…

I know dad told me and he emailed me a photo of you…well…all wet and very very sexy you were my dear Step-Milf…Just kidding Paige, Christine said but not really kidding. She loved that picture but she couldn't wait to see my red cast.

You are so kind…don’t I catch you teaching my daughter expressions like that I said. She was a great new teacher at our local school. She was in a relationship with a nurse from Kenneth hospital. I was kinda bi-sexual and Christine was a red hair lesbian. A very sexy one if I might add.

What…I’m just telling it like it is. Sexy red hair teacher.

We talked for a few minutes and she mentioned that they would come for a visit soon to see my sexy cast. Well I don’;t think there is anything sexy about it but eh to each our own.

Once at home I made my way to the couch slowly on my crutches. Kenneth put pillows under my broken leg that was resting on the coffee table and he placed my crutches in arm reach leaning them against the edge of the couch.

Babe I have some stuff to do but I will be back before supper. He said, stealing a glance at my red cast. I noticed him a few times doing that.


Ok I smiled at him before licking my lips.  lt had been a long time since we had sex, not sure if he was interested in me with this ugly cast on. I normally let him control during sex but if he didnt show interest soon I will have to entice him somehow on one leg.

I had used sex in the past to get what I wanted so nothing different except for the elephant in the room…my broken leg.

What he didn't know was the relationship that I had with Christine, his daughter, years ago when she was in college. My mom had fixed her broken leg and we became friends at the time. Why do you think I wanted these red crutches? Christine rocked the same crutches back then. She was so smooth on them.

She was this petite woman with a killing smile and huge white cast. The cast didnt take away from anything because the sex was amazing but she met another great woman and that was ok. I missed her and I missed multiple orgasms during sex.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw her at Kenneth house… the rest is history. I came out of the past when he came back in…

Kenneth, come here please. I said feeling a bit…aroused.

When he leaned closer to me, I grabbed him by the neck and kissed him. He closed the distance between us while careful not to hit or move my broken leg and  captured my lips into a sweet tender kiss.

I loved how he kissed me and always liked me all over.

I’ll be back soon. Don’t run away he said smiling and rubbing my cast like if it was a big magnet.

I will be resting my old broken bones right here baby. I said and I felt my cell vibrate.

He stared at me…Go go the sooner you go the faster you return to please your injured girlfriend baby.

My phone vibrated again and I looked at the caller ID. Christine

Paige chapter 3 to come

Clip 252 Ice skatng, injured knee, crutches


Sunday, August 14, 2022

Clip 249 SLC


Clip 248 Cooking with a broken foot in a SLC and hopping around


Paige chapter 1

Truth or dare Kenneth said to me. 

We had been together for what 5 years now and our sex life was better then ever. He was around 15 years older than me, divorce with one daughter. She was a teacher at my daughters school, that’s how we had met while I was visiting the all girls school,he was there at the same time to have lunch with his own daughter.

I had just turned a partner at my firm so it had been both a crazy and fun time in our house. We lived on a small lake in Maine and he was a cast room technician at our local hospital. Basically if you were to break your arm in my neck of the wood, he would be applying the cast.  

He had some plans and revelation he said to do next Saturday. My mom was taking care of Mel, my daughter. Between his busy job at the hospital and my work there never seems to be the right time to talk. Next weekend was a long weekend and he promised.

OK dare I said

I dare you to wear your sexy t-shirt that I like so much on you with no brassiere, get all wet and go get the pizza. I'm so hungry.

Dirty old man I said smiling, OK let’s see what I can do. I  changed into my old black Supertramp t-shirt and tight fitting shorts barely covering my ass.

I have a surprise for you Kenneth. I will even wash your Mustang before I go get the Pizza. I said with a sexy smile on my face. 

I slowly washed his baby, his red mustang, rubbing against the car slowly almost like a sexy twit that we see in B movies. I wasn’t good at it but…

Kenneth's eyes couldn't help but take in the show I was giving him. Black t-shirt and jeans shorts washing and almost making love to his sports car was like one erotic fantasy.

You are so damn good at this game Paige. He said before…

I raised the bucket and poured all the water over my 5-11 body, my nipples springing to life right away…I inhaled and quickly exhaled, my firm breasts bouncing to the occasion.

Do you enjoy the view, baby? I asked him.

Oh he was grinning with my Supertramp Crime of the Century t-shirt sticking to my round breast, my hard nipples showing through the flimsy damp material. I normally dressed very conservatively during the week being a lawyer but right now it felt like a wet t-shirt contest and my 32D’s were competing adequately.

Don’t you dare sit in my car all wet like that. He yelled…

I crossed my arms under my wet chest and said I’m not going to walk around the lake to get to Joe’s pizza. You enjoyed the show and liked the look…so…

I lowered my hands down from my chest and placed them on my hips, then grabbed the keys and entered the red Mustang all wet.

See you later Kenneth I said starting the V8. After all I yelled at him… I wasn't going to sit in my brand new Lexus all wet.

So strange that School was playing on the radio. I always associated that song with Supertramp, one of Kenneth's favourite bands. There was no traffic on the old “around the lake road” until there was one…

The dark SUV crossed across the centre and came straight for my Mustang, well Kenneth’s mustang but I was the poor driver. He didn't hit me dead centre I was told later but very close to it. 

It was like a double impact, the collision and then I felt the impact of being pinned against my seat by the airbag and the steering wheel. When I came to I had no idea where I was at first, the front of the red Mustang seemed to be on top of my long legs.  Very strange and hard to understand at the moment. I didn’t mind pain during sex but I hated this kind of pain.

I passed out and came back again. I tried to free myself, somehow that seemed like a good idea at the time but it was impossible. I then realized that my right leg was free now from the mess. but it was tilted at a weird angle and I couldn't understand why my foot was pointing in the wrong direction. 

I was scared that I could lose my leg.

Slowly I regained some sense and realized that  it was badly broken. Probably torn ligaments, fracture ,dislocation or all of the above.

Help! I screamed without any answer except for the sirens in the distance. I bet good old Miss Jones heard the accident and called the police and EMS.

The cop was first on scene and when he asked me if I was ok, while staring at my broken leg, I was going to say something smart but I passed out. When I woke up after 8 days in a coma, I tried to move my right leg but I was in so much pain, there was no reason to even try.

I saw Kenneth in the corner of my eyes before I passed out again. He looked concerned.

The next day I could tell that I was in the hospital and that my leg was broken. It was elevated with screws and pins at multiple locations up my leg. The tibia, fibula and femur were broken.  Kenneth explained that I was in a terrible accident. Looking at my leg and the days in the coma I guess he was right again.

I lost track of how many days it was later but, after 3 surgeries, my broken leg was now in a white fibre cast, elevated. Looking at the cast, I was my normal smart ass lawyer and asked Kenneth if that cast could have been any bigger or longer. Dark humour I guess. It started mid foot and covered my leg completely. What a pain that was going to be.

You scared the hell out of me Paige. He said thinking how could he tell this poor woman that he was turned on by her being in a leg cast?  She couldn't wait after Friday night to have an accident since he was going to explain this crazy fetish to her.

Trust me I said rubbing my new cast I would have preferred your surprise Friday night over a broken leg.…that was a very painful love experience.

The next day they replaced my cast with one of my choice…Full leg, red cast… To be clear I only picked the colour.  This was the start of 5 months on crutches for me and the opening of my boyfriend about his dark fetish,

Paige part 2 to come


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Clip 243 Signer breaks her leg in a LLC full leg cast


Clip 242, Torn ligaments in her ankle, sexy long leg in a boot


Ophelia conclusion

Well dear we provide a service that safely and discreetly allows all kinds of women to explore fetishes and sexual deviation. 

Can’t say I disagree with that.

Well then, we have a client that's waiting.  

You're so beautiful on your crutches, Miss Kathy said.

Thank you I said and I felt beautiful in a nice black dress that draped around my broken leg and stopped at the knee. Open toe heel on my right foot completed the look.

The client will be pleased.

I hope so.

Wow the client said looking at my broken leg, crutches and then all over. Do you want to kiss me? The client asked.

Yes. I said quietly, I moved slowly on my crutches to her staring at her wet lips. Our lips met, her tongue slipped and pried in my mouth.

Surprisingly exciting and sensual I felt like I could get used to this. Then the client broke the wet tongue kiss, wanting more, much more.

I stood upright on my crutches and realised my client had the most pleasant expression in her eyes and a smile on those wet lips.

What would you like?

How did it feel, dear since it’s your first time?

Amazing, like my broken leg is on fire inside it’s long cast, I replied

Show me…she asked.

I crossed my leg so that the top portion of my cast was rubbing against my vagina. I squeezed them tight…then slid my right hand inside my silk panties, inside me and started rubbing my clitoris.

Oh Jesus, very sexy you are, the client said in a very seductive tone. Your broken leg is simply perfect, I hope it’s painful.

Thank you. You're very beautiful as well and I hope you break yours soon. I said

I started moving closer and even if I was intimidated by this woman I brought my mouth towards her big nipple and I was sucking hard and even stretching the nipple.

She moaned between pain and pleasure and it filled me with a perverse joy that I was doing this right with her hand all over my cast. 

I stood straight and on my crutches and made my way to her bed. With my full leg cast on the edge of the bed I spread my leg and parted my panties. 

I know you want your broken doll Miss… I want you so bad.

I exposed my vagina to the client, who eagerly made me cum in minutes like never before.

I kissed her and we left.

On my crutches and Miss Katy in her wheelchair I was barefoot on the hallway carpet, I felt much different, like a woman now, more than ever before,

It was 4 am and I figured my chances of being caught were virtually non-existent. I was wrong.

When the elevator door opened,  a husband and wife couple were returning to their room and they stared at me and my broken leg. Like something wasn't right. 

As they passed by, the wife gave me a small smile and I leaned forward and kissed her beautiful lips and slid my tongue in her mouth. 

I had served them just the night before.

My secret was out, maybe she was going to be my next client.

The end